Photo for Surviving Tough Times

Surviving Tough Times

Being human means that things don’t always go as planned and we all have times in our lives that can seem pretty tough. I’d like to use some of my personal experiences to bring you my top tips for getting through the rough patches.

 Keep your Hobbies Close

 Whatever your interest, doing things you enjoy is a great way to keep busy. I’m doing lots of reading and listening to podcasts. There are all sorts of groups you can get involved with virtually; check out the forum for ideas.

 Making my Reality Virtual and Awesome!

 There’s so much for me to do online that it isn’t possible for me to get bored. Whether it’s playing word games, online shopping or browsing social media, I’m happy! I love connecting with my friends online and even if we have nothing to talk about, we can do things like quizzes together. Now is a great time to meet new people. The You’re Welcome Forum is your place to chat to others and share your interests. Go for it!

 Be Kind

 Doing a kind act for other people makes me feel good about myself. It could be picking up litter, calling someone to catch up or making a donation. It could be something as brief as giving someone a smile or a compliment. I’ve recently started writing down 25 things I appreciate about someone. It could be something I like about them, a nice time we’ve shared, or something I’m thankful for. I send it to the person and it’s a great way for me to show how grateful I am to have them in my life. Kind acts can be simple and spontaneous – be creative!

 Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To

 This came in useful for getting through tough days at school. I would think about food I would eat or having a long warm bath to unwind. By looking to the future, I know that my feeling of sadness won’t last forever.