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Centred Horseplay is an independent charity which has been working with children and young people in Gloucestershire since 2016.
Our aim is to reduce social exclusion when talking isn’t working. 75% of our referrals are CYP but we have also excellent evidence to prove our success with at risk adults and families as a whole. The services we offer at Centred Horseplay are as follows:
– The ReStart programme: a 5 day intensive 1-to-1 equine-assisted intervention with excellent evidence of efficacy
– Lighter Touch: equine-assisted taster sessions, unlimited top up sessions
– Supported volunteering: based around care of horses, farms and horticulture
– Non-verbals toolbox training: a horseless workshop to support psycho-social skills through
nonverbal strategies.

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  • 07799067235
  • marie@centredhorseplay.org.uk
  • Marie Whitaker

Shadywell Farm, Middle Duntisbourne, Near Cirencester

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