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All our classes are designed for older adults to maintain or improve Fitness, Strength and Balance. Some classes are suitable for those who find standing difficult and are predominately seated. Some classes are mixed where participants can choose whether to stand or sit. We also cater for those who want a more challenging session with our 50 plus circuit workouts.
Class/workout key
🟡level 1 (mainly seated)
🔴level 2 (mixed standing and seated)
🔵level 3 (higher intensity with weights)
🟣level 3 (circuit workout)
☑️Monday 10am Longlevens Community Centre 🔴
☑️Monday 10:30am Churchdown Community Centre 🔴
☑️Tuesday 09:45am GL3 Hub Churchdown 🔵
☑️Tuesday 10am Watson Hall, Barton St, Tewkesbury 🔴
☑️Tuesday 11:30am Quedgeley Community Centre 🔴
☑️Tuesday 11:45am Bredon Village Hall 🔴
☑️Wednesday 10am and 11:05 Hucclecote Community Centre 🔴
☑️Thursday 10am Longlevens Community Centre 🔴
☑️Thursday 10am Northway Community Hub 🔴
☑️Thursday 11am Northway Community Hub 🟡
☑️Thursday 11am Brockworth Community Centre 🟡
☑️Thursday 11am Quedgeley Village Hall 🟡
☑️Thursday 1:30pm The Wheatpieces CC 🟣
☑️Friday 10am GL3 Hub, Churchdown 🟣
☑️Friday 10am Watson Hall, Barton St, Tewkesbury 🔴
☑️Friday 11:45am Churchdown Community Centre 🟡
If you aren’t sure which class is best for you please contact us for advice.
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Fallproof plan information:

Contact info

  • 07596 969286
  • Fit for Life Team

34 Oxstalls lane Longlevens

Inclusion statement

Our classes are specifically designed for older adults and focus on all round fitness but also concentrate on developing strong leg muscles and better balance. It’s never too late to start so why not come and join our popular classes to meet new people and keep fit. Our exercise classes are part of Fall proof falls prevention plan led by Active Gloucestershire. We work closely with many NHS teams. Our classes are great for your wellbeing, mental health & keeping your brain active. All our instructors are qualified and insured. We are a Dementia friendly organisation and also encourage everyone to stay after the class for a chat. Mission Statement Fit for Life Safe and effective exercise classes for older people, staying strong and active, improving functional fitness, better quality of life, helping people to age successfully, maintaining independence, preventing falls and encouraging social interaction. Key values and principles  Person centered – challenging all levels, working with disabilities and age related conditions, adapting exercises to be safe and effective.  Demonstrate and show empathy and understanding with everyone, ensuring we are Dementia friendly.  Respect and positively support, individuality, confidentiality, empowerment, privacy, diversity and personal choice.  Work with partners to help support the community, educate and promote healthy lifestyles for older people.  Offer support to older people with chronic conditions including Parkinson, MS, Long Covid and COPD.

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