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GCPA support adult social care providers who work with older people, people with learning difficulties and autism, people with poor Mental Health and people with physical disabilities.

We hold regular meetings with a range of speakers; giving members the opportunity to exchange views, network and obtain information on topical issues. We send weekly correspondence to ensure that members are kept up to date with events, local or national government policy & regulatory changes that impact the independent Sector.

Membership of GCPA is considered a sign of a progressive organisation, committed to delivering the highest standards of care and keen to play an active part in the county’s wider social care community.

We represent member’s views nationally, regionally and locally on major policy and funding issues. Representatives of the GCPA work with care providers, Gloucestershire County Council and NHS to develop new models of care and support and new business opportunities to benefit vulnerable adults.

We have a place on the Gloucestershire Safeguarding Adult Board with input into policies and practices. GCPA plays a key role in promoting a positive image of the sector in our work with the Media.

Through our Board Members, we have the opportunity to influence care locally and nationally.

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  • 01452767664
  • Riki Moody

29 Bristol Road

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