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No Child Left Behind

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No Child Left Behind is a project in Cheltenham, UK that aims to help all young people to thrive.
We recognise that free, fun events can help build positive relationships, help share learning and raise awareness of some big issues.

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  • 077553611061
  • Louis Wilson


Inclusion statement

We believe that when we are interacting with people it’s important to consider how their experiences shape the way they respond; how they communicate and behave.

We are asking Cheltenham to commit to working together in a way that is honest, open and shows an understanding that everybody’s experiences in life are different.

We want to help people understand the effects of trauma, particularly in childhood, and to value emotional wellbeing.

We want organisations working with families to be inclusive, trustworthy and, overall, kind. We want this commitment to be reflected in their policies, their practice and their decision making (including financial). Understanding the impact of childhood adversity, focussing on people’s strengths and delivering trauma-informed practice will help us all to work together in a more positive way.

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