Social Scaffolding Art Collective logo with black text and graphic of people hanging bunting on scaffolding: underneath text reads creativity, collaboration, care, connection, conversation, community

Social Scaffolding Art Collective

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Social Scaffolding is a collective formed by three emerging artists: Lou Baker, Juliet Duckworth and Alyson Minkley. It engages new and diverse audiences with dynamic, socially engaged, interactive and immersive art.

‘We make connections and build community through creativity and conversation, promoting the wellbeing of our participants and ourselves. We aim for our work to be accessible for all ages & abilities.’

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Inclusion statement

We have made every effort for our work to be inclusive, however, we recognise there are some limitations, like weight restrictions on some participation opportunities for safety, that have been unavoidable. The installation includes sound, visuals and tactile elements. Please be aware that some exhibits include flashing lights.

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