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We are the Steampunks of Gloucestershire, not only is Steampunk the most socially inclusive and diverse subculture in the UK but we, The Gloucester Steampunks, are community active in so many ways bringing fun, imagination, creativity and bonkersness to Gloucestershire. Over the last four years, we have been running large-scale inclusive family-friendly, open to public,  events across Gloucestershire, that are FREE to attend and positively encouraging everyone from all parts of Gloucester’s communities to take part. We are artists, authors, creators, makers, educators, musicians, actors, and so many more, from all walks of Gloucestershire’s community. Our events raise funds for local heritage projects in Gloucestershire, such as The Folk, St Mary de Crypt, St Micheal’s Tower and Woodchester Mansion, nr Stroud. If you’re a bit bonkers, have an active imagination, love dressing up, making things, showing off, helping out, or maybe just sitting quietly and enjoying the fun, there’s a warm welcome among the Steampunk community. You do not need to know anything about Steampunk or even dress up, just come along and join in.

Contact info

  • 07540451794
  • Mat Mccall
67 Seymour Road

Inclusion statement

When the Steampunks say ‘we welcome everyone’ that wants to be part of our community and accepts our rules on behaviour, we mean anyone and everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, sexuality, ordination, abilities, gender, or belief. And we actively and jealously defend the rights of our members to express themselves freely in a safe and supportive environment, whether that is at our events or social meetings or in any walk of life. We value the individual for their uniqueness and who they are. Most of our members, from the founders and the Directors of the CiC to the casual members are neurodiverse and cope every day with a range of personal challenges. Steampunk actively do not discriminate on any level.

New people can either simply turn up at our events, or join our FB page or website, they can come along to meet us at one of our monthly open meetings or we can arrange to meet up with them beforehand to ease introductions.

We always provide support and quiet areas at our events. Lots of our members are trained and experienced through their work lives to be able to help and support anyone who becomes over-awed by our events. We choose our venues based on accessibility and supportive environments. We always have volunteers on hand to help.

We almost all have personal experience of disabilities, and neurodiversity, supporting and facilitating to take part and be involved, to feel safe and secure in our environments and our community.

We are about encouraging our members to release and realise their creativity and imagination in a variety of ways. Everybody’s contribution is valued. We also give opportunities through workshops and peers, and working with organisations like Art Shape and the Phoenix Trust, to support members try new things, from singing to building props


We actively encourage the exchange of ideas. Most of what we do has come from the ideas of grassroots members.  We have several members who have extensive experience in care and support, and we seek to actively encourage people to take part but tearing down communication barriers.

We seek to build supportive inclusive communities that facilitate people and inspire people, regardless of their abilities, disabilities, similarities or differences, together in fun, imaginative, creative and supportive ways.

Steampunk is the last refuge of true eccentrics; we are different because we have always been different and we celebrate it. Most Steampunks, worldwide, never found a community that truly accepted them for who they were, until they found Steampunk. That includes me, Mat McCall, the founder of the Steampunks of Gloucestershire.

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