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A student attends an Adult Community Learning cookery class

We pride ourselves on our personal and caring approach, and our focus is to help you progress and achieve success. Our courses provide the opportunity to learn a new skill, meet people, gain confidence and improve overall wellbeing.

To take part in a course you will need to be accompanied by a carer/support worker and for swimming, your support person must also take part in our swim induction.

Our courses take place over a five or 10-week period. Spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis, as they are limited and tend to fill up quickly. Courses are run subject to obtaining full capacity. All resources and materials are included within the price.

* except for term five of ceramics.

Swimming with Rebecca Campbell, Tuesdays or Wednesdays, 12.15pm – 1pm

Capacity: Six people per session

£120.99 (10 weeks)

£60.50 (Five weeks to be run only at the end of the academic year)

Our swim classes are designed to meet the needs of individuals to help improve mobility, fitness, skills and technique, as well as your confidence in the water. The tutor will work with you to set targets and goals whilst you have fun and make new friends. Our heated pool at National Star provides spacious changing rooms with overhead tracking hoists, as well as an excellent range of equipment.

Please note that a carer/support induction session must be undertaken for learners to take part in the swim sessions.

Fitness with Ibrahim Lee-Omer and Ben Poulton, Wednesdays, 10am-11am or 11.30am – 12.30pm

Capacity: Four people per session

£139.02 (10 weeks)

£69.51 (5 weeks to be run only at the end of the academic year)

Want to go to the gym, but need specific equipment and a specialist that can support you to develop in strength, stamina and overall fitness? Join us for a fitness class that will be tailored to your needs, using specific equipment to develop and/or maintain fine and gross motor skills, increase mobility and improve physical fitness.

Swimming and Fitness, 10 week. Course one start dates:

Week 1: 6 November

Week 2: 13 November

Week 3: 20 November

Week 4: 27 November

Week 5: 4 December

Week 6: 11 December

Week 7: 18 December

(Christmas weeks – no classes)

Week 8: 15 January 2024

Week 9: 22 January

Week 10: 29 January

Arts and Crafts with Louise Adams, Wednesdays, 10am – 12pm

Capacity: Six people per session

£149.08 (5 weeks)

These five-week arts and crafts courses, divided over five terms, will provide you with opportunities to learn or develop the creative skills used in processes such as printmaking, painting, mixed media collage and textiles taught by an experienced art tutor in a large, light and airy, purpose-built space.

Term 1, 8 November – 6 December

Glass fusing (with optional Christmas theme)

Five-week course (10 hours). You will be taught the basic glass cutting skills needed to design and create a glass plaque with additional opportunities to create glass Christmas decorations for your home or as gifts.

Term 2, 10 January – 7 February

Powertex vessels (with optional Valentine’s Day theme)

Five-week course (10 hours). You will be taught the principles of using PowerTex (a fabric hardener) to create sculptural vessels with the optional Valentine’s Day theme. These vessels are formed around ceramic vases and can hold cut flowers in water.

Term 3, 21 February – 20 March

Modroc sculptures (with optional Easter theme)

Five-week course (10 hours). You will be taught the principles of sculpting with Modroc to design and create animals with the optional theme of Easter that can adorn your Easter table or be given as a gift.

Term 4, 10 April – 8 May

Mixed media collage

Five-week course (10 hours). You will be taught a variety of different art processes using mediums such as paint, inks and dyes, pastels and Polyblock printing to create a collaged mixed media piece of art that will look fabulous in your home or be given as a gift.

Term 5, 5 June – 3 July

Lino Printing

Five-week course (10 hours). You will be taught how to design, cut and print using lino. Your prints can be turned into gift cards or framed for your home. All tools and materials will be provided * except for blank gift cards, these will need to be provided by you.

Ceramics with Elaine Jackson, Thursdays, 5pm-7pm

Capacity: Six people per session

£149.08 (5 weeks)

These courses are suitable for beginners as well as those who are already familiar with working with clay. You can learn and improve basic techniques including coiling, impressing pattern, pinching, and using moulds. You will gain a range of skills that can help you create your own individual pieces for yourself and for gifts. You will also learn how to select and apply glazes and slips for decorating. Returning learners can start to work on their own projects.

Term 1, 9 November – 7 December

Clay handling, rolling techniques, pattern, and textures, using tile cutters

These informal ceramic classes will provide guidance and advice for beginners and will support those who have already have experience. Everyone will be able to develop their own style of creativity and work towards making their own seasonal gifts. We will be looking at textures and patterns to incorporate into making a set of coasters, a platter, or display tray.

Term 2, 11 January – 8 February

Coiling, using coiled clay techniques

This term, we will be looking at using coiling as a method to create forms and vessels. We will be developing the use of the coiling technique to build upon the basic foundations from term one. You will have illustrated handouts to show the variety of projects that can be made from this basic technique. You will be encouraged to choose from different types of clay and will be able to choose from a wide range of glazes and oxides to enhance your work. There will be a group Valentine Panel activity to illustrate the use of ‘filigree’ coiling.

Term 3, 22 February – 21 March

Using moulds and slumping techniques

You will be shown, using previously learned rolling skills, how many different dishes and bowls can be made using plaster moulds. You can choose from a wide range of moulds available. Everyday items can also be used to support the clay until it has dried and can hold its own shape.

Term 4, 11 April – 9 May

Slab building

This more advanced technique can be used to develop your experience to create 3-D objects. You will use measuring and positioning skills to plan your project and organise the step-by-step process needed to assemble the slabs.

Term 5, 6 June – 4 July

Individual Project

You will use the skills learned throughout the year to plan your own decorative outdoor item for the garden. Students who have not attended previously will be given specific support to master key techniques. Suggested projects will be ‘Green Man Mask’, ‘Mini Totem Pole’ and ‘Garden Gnome’.

Cookery with Elaine Jackson, Fridays, 10am–12pm

Capacity: Six people per session

£154.89 (5 weeks)

These courses will explore a range of recipes to suit your lifestyle and test out your tastebuds. You will look at different ways to use a range of fresh, seasonal and store cupboard ingredients, in a social and friendly environment. You will also learn how food choices and diet impacts on your health and wellbeing. Everyone will be encouraged to make healthy choices when shopping and cooking at home. However, we do include treats to make for special occasions. These sessions are fun and friendly and will enable you to make better choices when eating out as well as in the kitchen. Food hygiene and health and safety is covered throughout the course.

Term 1, 10 November – 8 December

Five fun, practical, and achievable sessions which will consider everyone’s individual food preferences and tastes. You will be working in a bright, fully equipped newly refurbished kitchen. You will be working from colourful illustrated recipes that build into a personal recipe folder at the end of the 5-week course. Starting with easy baking, you will also make your own jar of seasonal preserves and festive foods. You will be encouraged to contribute your own ideas for each topic.

Term 2, 12 January – 9 February

This 5-week course will revolve around warming, winter recipes. Starting with preparing two ‘one pot’ meals for impressive results, you will then create two more options suitable for sharing with family and friends. The last week you will select a Valentine style ‘showstopper’.

Term 3, 23 February – 22 March

Following on from the previous Christmas and Valentine’s Day themes, this term will include Easter dishes. (These themes can be adapted to suit alternative cultural options, if required). You will be encouraged to make suggestions for future themes.

Term 4, 12 April – 10 May

This term we will look at broadening the cultural range of ingredients and dishes celebrating world/national occasions. You will be using a range of herbs and spices to create dishes originating in India, Brazil, USA, and China. The focus will be on baking, looking at both sweet and savoury dishes suitable for breakfast, light snacks, lunch, and supper. These tasty treats, easy to prepare, are very impressive and can be made ahead of time and are suitable for freezing.

Term 5, 7 June – 5 July

The seasonal theme will continue for this final 5-week course. You can choose main dishes for family gatherings, including baking desserts and impressive treats. You will look at using alternative ingredients to suit vegetarians and those with food intolerances.

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