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Cheltenham Speakers Online Meeting


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Come and join us to improve your communication, public speaking and leadership skills while having some fun!
Our twice-monthly Zoom meetings start with a game to get people talking, and then we move to ‘table topics’ …mini off-the-cuff speeches of around a minute. Yes we teach you to make stuff up on the spot – it’s a skill that soon grows and helps you as a speaker.
This is just one example of the many ways our meetings are full of fun and learning.
We create a very supportive space, in which you can learn to communicate your thoughts and ideas through your voice, gestures and body language.
You’ll find that having a live audience (and a friendly audience that wants you to succeed) really adds an ‘edge’ to your experience of speaking.
You will receive a kind and helpful evaluation of any speaking you contribute, so you can build your ability with every meeting. And in time you will be invited to evaluate others. This skill adds a whole new dimension to your growth as a speaker, as you become sensitised to what makes a speech really ‘land’ with the listeners.
To get invited to our next Zoom meeting, simply join our Meet-up group and one of us will text chat with you via Meet-up. You can join the group here:
We will then send you (via Meet-up) a link to our next Zoom meeting. You can come along a few times as a guest and, if you enjoy the experience, you can then join as a paid up member (about £45 every 6 months, plus a one-off joining fee of £20).