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MHELO is an independent network of people in Gloucestershire who have had or are experiencing mental health difficulties. Or for those who are interested in mental health and mental health support within the county.

This network exists because, however good services and doctors might be, they are not experts by experience- what people with experience can offer others with a range of issues arising from mental ill health, is quite different, more empowering, and can be a massive benefit to all involved.

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We aspire to be the people who can help change mental health service for the better. 

We want to build up recognized strengths in groups and individuals whose lives are touched by mental illness.

Ways to get involved 

Focus groups

We run focus groups around a range of different topics to bring members together to talk about things which are important for them.

Experts by experience

We have opportunities for those who have lived experience of mental ill health to feed into mental health strategy.

Feedback line

We will be launching a monthly feedback line to get feedback on services to know what the issues are for people accessing services as they access them.

Network meeting/ MHELO socials 

As an informal meeting we come together to have a coffee and a chat, just so you can meet others who are involved.

MHELO resources 

As a network we can involved with creating resources which we know will benefit people who struggle with their mental health.

We have created a self-care toolkit, which was made with members of MHELO and the wider community to share what has worked for them, and to empower the people of Gloucestershire.

It’s been designed to aid you in creating your own personal plan for your self-care journey.

Please click on the link to find it on our website (link below). You can download it or print in and fill it in as and when you need to.

Get in touch

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