Shows a adult lady and adult man dancing with a child dancer between them, all in shades of purple.  Words read Cirencester Dance Club where magical moments are made

Cirencester Dance Club – Virtual Dance Experience


Accessibility features

  • Family Friendly
  • Hidden Disabilities Awareness

At Cirencester Dance Club, ‘where magical moments are made’, we pride ourselves on our warm and friendly atmosphere in our dance classes whether this is InStudio or Online.

We are an inspirational, nurturing and motivated dance family and our classes are designed to encourage and reward. We are open to anyone who has an interest in dance and we celebrate each students individual successes.

Our PASSION is to provide high-quality training which allows our dancers to master their skills and to SUCCEED to truly reach their individual potentials

Everyone will be NURTURED and encouraged as individuals as we truly care about our students. We NURTURE our little humans to grow into independent, strong, PASSIONATE people through our love of dance.

We celebrate all type of SUCCESS at Cirencester Dance Club. We help each and every student SUCCEED to reach their full potential and reach their individual goals.

We are a welcoming and inclusive dance FAMILY. Our teaching team all have genuine and very personal relationships with all our students, that leads to a respectful and NURTURING environment.

Our teachers teach with an ethos that fun and enjoyment are at the heart of SUCCESSFUL learning. Our students are inspired and encouraged to EXPLORE their CREATIVITY through dance and movement.

– Here at Cirencester Dance Club, our aim is for our students to be inspired to EXPLORE different art forms

For some, the scariest part of coming to a dance class is just taking that first step and showing up.
Believe me…we get it and we are there to support you and your child through every step of your dance journey with us.

Check out our website, have a look around to see what classes we offer and when you are ready to join our dance family, register your interest here.