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    Safe Space for Families with Additional Needs

    Welcome to our Safe Space—a place where families with additional needs can come together, unwind, and embrace a world of inclusive activities. We understand the importance of providing a space where children can be themselves, and we’ve crafted an environment filled with engaging activities for everyone. 🏠 What We Offer: Inclusive Activities: We offer a host of […]

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    Adventure Playground – FREE – available outside of school hours

    A large multi-activity play area for all abilities and ages – available for all children to enjoy. Available – outside of school hours. Weekends & School Holidays 10am – 5pm No booking required. Free of charge.  

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    Soft Play – 3 Tier with Hoist

    An extensive 3-tier activity suite with overhead hoist designed to stimulate the imagination and encourage exercise through play.  It includes steps, slides, obstacles and hiding places. This is available outside of school hours and during school holidays 10-5pm Available on a Thursday morning term-time. Private hire available – see website https://www.chamwellcentre.org.uk/booking-page  

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    Treasure Seekers Hub

    Treasure Seekers Hub, a community venue, emerged in September 2023 with a singular purpose—to offer enhanced services for individuals and families with learning disabilities or additional needs. Stemming from the success of our long-standing Performing Arts and Discos, initially hosted at Kingfisher Church, we envisioned a dedicated space to grow these services and introduce an […]

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