This banner features an illustration of two young artists. On the left an artist with curly dark hair and ear defenders holds a paint palette and brushes. Another young artist beside them holds a sketchbook and pencils. A faded out photograph behind them is of a person drawing a cat.

Arts Inc Studio Day 24th February

Saturday, 24 February 2024 11:30am to 7:00pm


Brockworth Court Farm
Court Road, Brockworth

Accessibility features

  • Access for Wheelchair Users Access for Wheelchair Users
  • Accessible Parking
  • Accessible toilet
  • Autism Friendly
  • Clear communication
  • Drop-off Point
  • Hidden Disabilities Awareness
  • Visual Impairment Awareness

This colourful poster has several illustrations. In the top right a group of young artists gather around a drawing of a space scene with planets and stars. On the far right is an artist in a yellow tshirt with a purple star curly black hair. In the centre if a young artist with their hair in bunches. On the right is young artist with blonde hair holding a pencil. On the lower right in the same artist with curly hair wearing ear defenders. They are sat at a desk preparing to make some art. In the left is two photos, one of abstract colours and the other is a colourful pop-up book.

Join us for a fun day of arts and crafts, no experience necessary. Make friends, explore your creativity, take part in workshops or bring along your own projects.

These sessions are for ages 8-17. We work with you in small, age appropriate groups. This month have a go at creating beautiful collage papers using a variety of techniques, and creating a moving, pop-up illustrated scene.

To find out more, contact Harriet at Art Shape on or call the office 01452 863855

Cost: £5

Saturday, 24th February

11.30am to 2.30pm at the Art Shape studio, Brockworth