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  1. Cheltenham / Children's Activities -Wellbeing

    Play and Creative Art Therapy

    Play Therapy is much like counselling is for adults, but through the medium of play, so the therapist works with the child using play for them to communicate, express their feelings and work through difficult emotions and life experiences. If you feel that your child is suffering from emotional difficulties then play therapy may be […]

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At Every Cloud, we work to support the mental health of children and young people. Our qualified therapists offer children a safe space to work through their emotional difficulties through play; the natural language of children.

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  • 07494756239
  • admin@everycloudtherapy.org.uk
  • Caroline Annfield

15 Royal Crescent
GL50 3DA

Inclusion statement

Every Cloud Play & Creative Arts Therapy CIC
Inclusion Statement

At Every Cloud, we are committed to the equitable and anti-discriminatory treatment of all our staff, volunteers, service users and professional colleagues. We recognise the rights of all individuals to mutual respect and dignity, valuing diversity and embracing our differences within an inclusive environment.

Our practice reflects this commitment in the following ways:

Implementation and regular review of our Equality and Diversity Policy
Consideration of diversity in recruitment of new staff
Regular appraisal including feedback from existing staff
Requesting feedback from service users and using this to inform future practice
Implementation and regular review of our Professional Code of Conduct for all Every Cloud staff
Implementation and regular review of our Whistleblowing Policy
Membership and accountability to professional bodies (BAPT, PTUK) with obligation to follow their codes of ethics and conduct
Ensuring accessibility through provision such as sourcing translation services, practising cultural humility, making sensory adaptations or making modifications to improve accessibility
Advocating for the wider needs of our clients and their families
Offering psychoeducation to parents and schools to extend knowledge and improve support for children and young people.

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