Bonsai Chi - Gentle low impact, whole body exercise

Bonsai Chi low-impact exercise class in Tewkesbury


Wheatpieces Community Centre
Columbine Road
Walton Cardiff, Tewkesbury
GL20 7SP

Accessibility features

  • Access for Wheelchair Users Access for Wheelchair Users
  • Accessible Parking
  • Accessible toilet

Bonsai Chi is a gentle, low-impact, whole body exercise class. The

moves are designed to calm your mind, refresh and re-energise your body.

Based on karate moves that I’ve learnt over the last 25 years, they have been adapted into gentle, flowing movement, encouraging good balance, flexibility, hand-eye co-ordination and more.

It’s about listening to your body, not challenging it, so if there is a movement you find difficult to do we find an alternative. You do the moves at your own pace, so as fast or slow as you wish.

We cover several drills during the session, and then kata (a set series of moves). Kata is designed to allow you to learn moves without conscious thought, increasing mindfulness and concentrating on your body movement and breathing.

Classes held in Tewkesbury every Wednesday

11.10 – 11.55 – 45 min session £7 pay as you go (Introductory offer £15 for first 3 classes)

No special clothing, equipment, or previous experience required.