How to Add an Event or Thing to Do

Read our Guide to Listing on You’re Welcome for a full explanation of how to get started on You’re Welcome as an organisation/group and add listings.


The FAQs below give some more information about how to use the site. If you would like to know anything that we haven’t answered here, feel free to get in touch with us at

Q) I’ve created an organisation profile, is that all I need to do?

A) Once you have created your organisation profile, you need to add listing(s) in the Event Directory and/or Things to Do section. This is the main way people will find out about all the great things you offer on You’re Welcome and how you can meet different accessibility requirements.

Q) Where do I go to post my own Events or Things to Do?

A) Hover over My Account in the top right-hand corner to see all the options for adding things to the site.

Q) Do I put my activity up as an event or a thing to do?

A) If your activity is a one off or limited time event you should list it in the Event Directory.  You will be able to add the date and times. If you are running an event across multiple dates, for example once a month, you can add repeat dates and they will appear as separate listings.

If your activity is a regular group or session like a weekly art class, or you provide a permanent venue/activity like a Farm Park, Theatre, etc, these can be listed as Things to Do.

Q) What information should I provide?

A) On both Event Directory and Things to Do listings you will be asked for a title and then further details.  You will also be asked for the address at which the activity is taking place.  Events will need the start date and time as well.

In the details you can add a short introduction to the activity.  Please ensure it includes:

  • Full information about running times e.g. Mondays 6-7.30pm (term time only)
  • Contact information – giving more than one way to get in touch is helpful e.g. email, telephone (You will already have put contact information on your organisation’s profile but it is helpful to repeat it on the listing as well)
  • Booking details if required
  • Costs and/or any equipment needed
  • Any particular guidance relating to age or experience level e.g. ‘this is a beginners language session’, ‘our water park offers activities for all ages’

Plus any other information you feel will be helpful to someone deciding if what you offer is something they would like to take part in.

Q) How do I show which categories my activity relates to?

A) Once you have added your description and address you will be asked to select the categories that relate to your activity.  For example, a Forestry England location might select ‘Parks and Green Spaces’, ‘Food and Drink’ (for picnic area) and ‘Children’s Activities’. You can select all that your activity/venue fits under and can edit these at any time.

Q) How do I show what accessibility requirements we can meet?

A) These are really important as people search for events and things to do based on their accessibility requirements. After Categories you will be asked to select all accessibility requirements that your activity or venue can support.  There is a full guide to the Accessibility Icons here.  If you have any questions about this please get in touch, we are very happy to help. You can edit these at any time.

Not sure what accessibility requirements you can meet? Get in touch with us at and we can talk it through with you. We may be able to visit and see what you offer to help you create your listing, and talk through how you can be even more inclusive.

Q) Can I upload photos to my listing?

A) You can add a banner image to your listing, which will be visible when people view it and when it comes up in the Events Directory or Things to Do section. We advise using photos or visual images as the banner image (and not a poster) as you will be putting all the information in the details section of the listing. You must add alt text (a short, informative description) to the image you upload or your listing won’t be published. If you have any issues with this please refer to the Guide to Listing on You’re Welcome here.

If you include a poster in the main body of your listing, all the information in it must be included in the alt text or typed out underneath. This all helps make the website much more inclusive and accessible.