Art for Wellbeing group, with Leah Marshall an affiliated tutor with The Isbourne. A group of community wellbeing attendees are sat round a large table, with art materials, including paper and coloring pencils.

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  1. Cheltenham / Wellbeing

    Self-Care with Crystals

    Crystals can be a beautiful tool used to support personal wellness, with many believing that they hold particular properties. On this course you will explore 4 crystals and learn simple self-care techniques with crystals that aim to enhance your mental well-being. Week 1 focuses on calming and clearing the mind of nuisance thoughts with Amethyst. […]

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  2. Cheltenham / Wellbeing

    Mindfulness to Support Bereavement

    Did you know that mindfulness and meditation can really help to calm intrusive thoughts and help you to live more in the moment? If you are bereaved that just might be what you’re looking for as you navigate the way ahead. We will look at why mindfulness works and provide you with some useful tools […]

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  3. Cheltenham / Arts and Crafts -LGBTQIA+ -Social Interest Groups -Wellbeing

    Feel Good Thursdays

    Community Wellbeing peer support group at The Isbourne. Come along on the first Thursday of every month to experience a variety of wellbeing activities, connect with others and have a cuppa! When: Thursdays 11AM – 12.30PM  2nd May – Wellness Walk 6th June – Art for All Where: The Isbourne, 2 Wolseley Terrace, Cheltenham, GL50 1TH […]

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  4. Cheltenham / Arts and Crafts -LGBTQIA+ -Social Interest Groups -Wellbeing

    Art for Wellbeing

    ART FOR WELLBEING (monthly session) with Leah Marshall Welcome a sense of wellbeing by reconnecting with your innate creativity. You don’t need to know how to draw, you may not have drawn since you were in school. These sessions offer the opportunity to enjoy colour and shape in a way that perhaps you never have. […]

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Our 4-week courses and monthly drop-ins are designed to help people living with anxiety, depression, social isolation, bereavement, trauma and any other life circumstances that are affecting their wellbeing. The courses are held at The Isbourne (or online) and are delivered by our team of expert tutors. Courses are developed with the participants needs in mind and pull from our diverse portfolio of holistic and wellbeing topics, including Mindfulness, Art for Wellbeing, Meditation, Movement, Qigong, Mindset, and much more. You may be referred to us by a health professional but we do also accept self-referrals.

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